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Why not use an interstate moving company that is reliable, cost-effective and uses the latest in long distance dedicated moving techniques? Moving interstate, the best and most efficient way.

There is more to us than just a removalist company. With a dedicated team of reliable professional removalists and advisors. We will ensure you long distance move is done properly. 1800 Interstate Removalist want your move to be top notch. Whether you are relocating home furniture and goods. Moving from one state or territory to another. Or within the same state or territory. There are certain benefits you will get by using professional interstate removalists that like 1800 Interstate Removalist.

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How 1800 Interstate Removalist can Help!

1800 Interstate Removalist go above and beyond to ensure a cost-effective, East Coast removals, furniture move or backloading removalist service. Guaranteed to save you time and money on your overall long distance move form packing to unpacking, dismantling, assembling and overall handling of furniture and goods from point A to point B.

East Coast Removals
East Coast Removals

1800 Interstate Removalist are a preferred East Coast removal company. Providing removals from Melbourne along the east coast all the way up to Cairns. That includes towns and cities along the east coast from Victoria, New South Wales to far North Queensland. Furniture removals for moving home and office. Or relocating removals along the east coast.

Free East Coast Removal quotes are available all year round. Making interstate removals also considered long distance removals an easy and effortless process. All East Coast removals are done by professional removalists that can handle any type of home removals or office relocation.

East Coast Backloading
East Coast Backloading

Get an East Coast backload anywhere along the east coast form Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland to far north Queensland. East Coast backloads are cheap and a great way to move long distances if you have flexible pickup and delivery dates. For over two decades, 1800 Interstate Removalist has provided an easy, flexible efficient way to move with East Coast backloading removals.

Free East Coast backloading removals are available all year round. Check with 1800 Interstate Removalist for specific dates on specific backloading locations along the East Coast of Australia

Office Moves & office Relocation
Office Relocations

Relocating an office along the East Coast of Australia? We specialise if office relocations for both small and large sized office moves. Professional office removalists handle everything with office relocations including packing, unpacking, lifting, loading, securing and ultimately the transportation of all types of furniture and goods from point A to point B.

Moving office and need professionals to get your office relocated? 1800 Interstate Removalist are a dedicated furniture moving company. Transporting office furniture and goods along the East Coast of Australia every day! Move anywhere along the east coast from Melbourne all the way up to Cairns.

Packing Services
Packing / Unpacking

Like any move, sometimes you will require packing services that include unpacking, dismantling, and assembling of furniture. we recommend getting packing services with your 1800 Interstate Removalist service to ensure all your belongings are packed properly. 1800 Interstate Removalist provide a range of interstate moving services that include packing / unpacking services.

No matter how big or small your move it. We can ensure all your belonging are packed using the latest in packing materials and techniques. Getting a full packing / unpacking services with your interstate East Coast Move ensures all your goods are handled professionally.

Moving Long Distances
Long Distance Moves

1800 Interstate Removalist provide exceptional long distance moves. Moving long distances is easier for a moving company like 1800 Interstate Removalist. Transport furniture and goods long distances from A to B. To move long distances requires trained and professional removalists. Especially along the East Coast of Australia.

Trained removalists that know the roads, can handle all types of furniture no matter the size, weight and structure. Moving furniture long distances with either a home move or office relocation is offered at the best prices and highest quality with 1800 Interstate Removalist.

Furniture Transport
Furniture Transport

Transport furniture and goods from one location to another using professional removalists. Get dedicated home and or office furniture transport along the east coast of Australia. 1800 Interstate Removalist transport furniture from Victoria along the east coast up through New South Wales and along the coast up Queensland all the way up to Cairns.

Transporting furniture with 1800 Interstate Removalist will always make for a better outcome on your move. Because professional removalists are the ones doing the handling, lifting and transporting of furniture.

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Moving interstate is always easier with furniture removalists. Relocating from A to B using trained removalists will ensure a good outcome.
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All our removalists are trained to handle, lift, load, and transport furniture from one location to another in Australia.

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